Dr Chris Ford

Dr of Chiropractic (retired), BSc (hons) Chiro.

I qualified from Oxford Brookes/Bournemouth AECC back in 2001, giving me over 20 years (30,000 + consultations) experience working in Medical Centres, Chiropractic Clinics, and Elite Level Sports Facilities. Prior to that, I held a degree in psychiatric nursing. I am currently non-practicing as a registered Chiropractor, so do not offer Chiropractic treatment. I do, however, have a wealth of knowledge and experience to tap into.

black and white photo of Dr Chris Ford
  • I can offer the time to deep dive into possible reasons for your symptoms or recurring issues by offering:

    • A full explanation of your diagnosis with pictures and diagrams
    • A review of X-Rays, MRI’s, and other diagnostics/reports
    • A ‘second opinion’ or differential diagnosis**
  • Nearly all neuro / muscular / skeletal conditions arise from imbalances and asymmetry due to our everyday activities and stresses. We can analyse your:

    • Ergonomics
    • Working / lifting postures and positions
    • Desk and workplace set-up
    • Posture and stresses (mental/physical)
  • We can work out where you may need to rehabilitate to correct imbalances so I can provide:

    • Specific and targeted exercise videos or PDF’s
    • Strengthening or stretching routines
    • Fine tuning your nervous system to protect you from further ‘injury’
    • Advice on sports rehab and training

** fun fact: I recently met a lady suffering with a right sided sharp pain in her pelvis, radiating to the upper leg – it sounded like a typical, mechanical, pelvic joint alignment issue to me and sure enough, on examination, this was the case – she had a simple treatment, and the symptoms went away. She had previously been in hospital for tests regarding her pain and, their diagnosis??? – Long Covid !!!

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