Quitting Smoking

Smoking – don’t give up giving up

If you smoke then you probably think you know what this article  is going to say; you’ve heard it all before, you know smoking is bad for you and you’ve seen the guilt inducing adverts that tell you to quit. We’re all grown-ups and we don’t believe that approach works well but, if you do want to stop, then perhaps this article and our approach will help. When you’re ready to stop there are three things to remember:

Know it’s a chemical addiction

Your body has become accustomed to a regular input of nicotine and other chemicals; there will be an unpleasant feeling of nervousness and agitation that will reach its peak after about a week and then slowly reduce to almost nothing after another three. This feeling is caused by your body becoming used to not undertaking the constant battle against the nasty stuff you have been feeding it for all these years. You’re going to have to deal with this feeling but it will pass; try to keep busy and take your mind off it.

Know it’s a habit

Like any habit it can be broken, you’re the one in control. Besides which, it only takes about five minutes to smoke a cigarette; if it’s that you want a break from what you were doing you’ll be back to it after five minutes anyway. If it’s that you miss the habit of the ‘hand-to-mouth’ motion then use a straw or a pen for five minutes. If it’s that you want a change of scene then go for a walk for five minutes.

Know it doesn’t relieve stress

The idea that smoking relieves stress is a purely psychological perception that will make you reach for the fags. In actual fact each cigarette will increase your heart rate and blood pressure in much the same way as caffeine. Take a look at somebody that doesn’t smoke, do they look like they’re missing out?

Just think, if you smoke 20 a day, at around £11 per pack you’re spending around £330 a month, or £4000 each year on this. What else could you do with that money?

  • Know it’s a chemical addiction
  • Know it’s a habit
  • Know it doesn’t relieve stress