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Dr David Cartland MBChB BMedSci is a fully qualified doctor and GP. His First-Class Honours degree in Biomedical science included a year of specialist immunology and microbiology/virology training including statistical analysis.

Between his two degrees Dr Cartland worked for a year in the angiogenesis research group at the University of Birmingham and he is a published author in angiogenesis research; he is a General Practitioner with some fourteen years’ experience.

About this Service

Few people are unaware of the extreme pressures facing the NHS and primary care services such as GP Practices. Unfortunately in many circumstances these pressures often lead to lengthy waiting times or a rushed service. Our GP consultation service is not seeking to capitalise on these problems, rather we aim to offer an ethical and competent service without the wait. We can’t do it for free but we have ensured our prices are low by industry standards. We offer:

  • Health advocacy service
  • Clinical navigation
  • Advice and guidance
  • Health coaching
  • Signposting

How can we help?

Dr Cartland can help with a variety of issues including:

  • General health information

    • Existing medication enquiries
    • Information about available services
    • Concerns about older family members
    • Special needs information
    • Child and maternity advice
    • Chronic medical condition
    • Second opinions
    • Dermatology
    • Musculoskeletal issues
    • Mental Health
  • Referral Letters

    • Private Services (e.g. physiotherapy, osteopathy, counselling)
    • Own NHS GP (e.g. medication recommendations, NHS referral recommendations)
    • Addiction Services
    • Minor Injury Units
  • Medication

    • ‘Over the counter’ medication
    • Supplements

How does it work?


£55 per consultation
£30 for referral letter

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What our clients say:

  • Absolutely he is worth it, I believe he will help a lot of people that don’t get time/ or feel they cant get into their doctors. I think this would benefit maybe once or twice a year.

    He is currently trying to help me. 

    5* review

  • Dear Dr Cartland, thank you so much for sending this through so swiftly. The consultation and letter have brought me much hope and a greater sense of confidence knowing there are medical professionals out there with the courage to stand true to ethical principles and practice.

    With much gratitude.

  • Thank you very much for dealing with this matter so sympathetically, so professionally, and so quickly. I would have no hesitation in recommending Dr Cartland to anyone seeking sound and affordable medical help.

  • I thought Dr. Cartland was very friendly and approachable.  He put me at ease very early on into my appointment which made discussing personal matters a lot easier.

    In my case I feel it was worth seeing him, he was thorough and asked lots of probing questions.  Upon his recommendation he has suggested I make an appointment with my own GP for further investigation.

  • Dr Cartland was exceptionally approachable, Friendly and he genuinely listened which is seldom my experience with my own GP, If I can get ever get to see Her. I never felt rushed or trivialized, It was defiantly worthwhile seeing Dr Cartland as I have a number problems and I would never have been able to mention them all to my own GP in one consultation, He explained may options and gave me a list to present to my own GP. I would definitely recommend him to other members of staff and would happily use him again.

  • It was definitely worth seeing him. With the current state of the NHS you only really get to see a Dr if you have an acute problem, so it was good to be able to get some guidance on non life threatening, but still bothersome, health issues.

    It would definitely be worth getting him in for more visits. In fact, I think he should be our Dr in residence!

  • I was very impressed with Dr Cartland. He took the time to really talk and try to understand your issues. He was very friendly and approachable, and was happy to answer any questions.

    He really helped me understand the underlying reasons for some health issues that I have had all of my life (allergy related), and offered advice on some medications (both off the counter and prescription) that may be useful.

  • Absolutely first class service, I am absolutely delighted with the service and care I have received. Dr Cartland really is a true professional and I feel valued and understood with my medical concerns, I cannot recommend him highly enough. This is how I remember Drs appointments used to be when I was growing up, thoughtful and willing to listen and wanting to find the best solution for each individual patient. A million thanks.

  • Thank you so much, I will let you know the outcome, you guys are heroes!

  • Thank you, that was the most pleasant GP appointment I have ever attended, I will be recommending Dr Cartland.